Façade and the building envelope are one of the most complicated components of your building that has a significant impact on its aesthetic appeal. As a result of continuous exposure to environmental elements and pollutants, the materials used within a building’s façade are highly susceptible to failure. This is what makes façade engineering a complex technical process, demanding a very high level of skills and experience.

Since 2005, CGS Façade Engineering has been actively involved in providing a wide spectrum of façade systems for all types of building exteriors including both new and existing buildings. Importantly, a good façade design must respond to its main structural support like concrete or steel, and work seemlessly with the structural engineering, the building physics, and be aware of any other structural issues or idiosyncrasies. Our engineers are façade experts and are fully qualified in structural and civil engineering with a minimum of a Masters Degree, and have a full knowledge of concrete and steel structural and facade engineering. We also have engineers who are qualified in geotechnical engineering and have full understanding of structural elements and ground material science and components. These qualities are there to help with assessment into building movement and subsequently ensure a better façade design.

Guided by our extensive experience in the industry, we understand how to make building façades function in the best possible way which can not only advance the comfort of the end user, but also provide a safe product for passing pedestrians. In addition to obvious factors such as keeping it air and water tight, reducing energy use of the building is also taken into account while designing façade systems. Research and development, R&D, plays an important role in our design developments. We constantly search for a better glass product or a better way of interconnecting façade members such as a curtain wall when producing our designs. We do not take anything for granted, instead believe there is always a better way of going about design.

Environmental sustainability is an increasing focus within our company, and our team offers specialised façade thermal engineering solutions and results to enhance thermal comfort within your building that will result in long-term energy savings. We also pride ourselves on providing high performance, durable, low maintenance and cost-effective solutions for all of our clients.

CGS Façade Engineering understands that every building is different and designed for a specific purpose to serve the end user. Similarly, the façade engineering needs are different. This is why we always examine the nature of the construction limitations, occupant needs, and façade requirements when designing the envelope system.

In order to ensure the best possible outcome for your building façade, we collaborate with the most renowned specialists from different allied fields.