Façade Design, Consultation & Engineering

Since 2005, CGS Façade Engineering has been actively involved in providing a wide spectrum of façade systems for all types of building exteriors including both new and existing buildings. Importantly, a good façade design must respond to its main structural support like concrete or steel, and work seamlessly with the structural engineering, the building physics, and be aware of any other structural issues or idiosyncrasies. Our engineers are façade experts and are fully qualified in structural and civil engineering, and have a full knowledge of concrete and steel structural and facade engineering. We also have engineers who are qualified in geotechnical engineering and have full understanding of structural elements and ground material science and components. These qualities are there to help with assessment into building movement and subsequently ensure a better façade design.

Façades and the building envelope are one of the most complicated components of your building that has a significant impact on its aesthetic appeal. As a result of continuous exposure to environmental elements and pollutants, the materials used within a building’s façade are highly susceptible to failure. This is what makes façade engineering a complex technical process, demanding a very high level of skills and experience.

Class 2 Façade Engineering

Over the last years, we have made giant strides to emerge as an industry leader in façade consultation, design, engineering and documentation.

Our industry experience helped us to be the leader in providing Class 2 Facade Engineering services as per NSW State Regulations enforced since July 2021. During such short time since July 2021, we acquaried many new clients who are seeking good and cost-effective facade engineering. And we have been providing for such demand. We are the facade experts.

While working with us, you will receive personal attention throughout the project from all levels of the organisation, including the directors, principal engineers, and project engineers. You can expect the highest level of one-stop-solution for your façade systems with our in-house engineering, design and consulting support.

Cladding & Balustrade Engineering

During last few years, we have noticed a surge into pour building practice due to the industry being rushed into building for demand rather than providing good and practical products for the end user. This has been apparent by reviewing some façade documentations which were produced without in depth analytical. This has led to unsatisfactory façade supplies by cheaper end products by façade contractors.

Since we have extensive experience with design and development in all façade components, we have had the opportunity to expand our services into remedial engineering. Remedial engineering is being required more as the industry discover needs to deal with pour practice and products already installed in buildings.

CGS Façade Engineering main objective is to fix problems and proposed best possible solutions which are economical and cost effective. We design and engineer installed or alternative products or parts to make the process less costly.


CGS Façade Engineering main designers have been working in the building industry since 1993 and have many years of experience in façade design and engineering. Our expertise is in design, engineering and development of façade such as curtain wall, windows, doors (sliding, bi-fold, hinged) and balustrades. This led to a comprehensive understanding of what the industry is facing with. We have been approached on many occasions during last couple of years to advise on installed malfunctioned windows either windows, doors, or balustrades.

CGS Façade Engineering has a team of highly experienced engineers that are capable of getting your building façade certified. We can also provide you with optional peer review and façade certification.

Façade Certification is an important part of your façade building project that is carried out to ensure that your façade is in compliance with certain prerequisites in terms of its technicality and process quality. The goal of this practice is to confirm that project has been completed following construction methodology as per document and engineering requirement. Successful certification of a building envelope requires holistic planning and implementation of mature systems.