Remedial Engineers – Windows & Balustrades 

During the last few years, we have noticed a surge of remedial works coming into our building practice due to the industry being rushed into building for demand rather than providing good and practical products for the end user. This has been apparent by reviewing some façade documentations which were produced without in depth analytical. This has led to unsatisfactory façade supplies by cheaper end products by façade contractors. 

Structural engineers for windows and balustrades 

Since we have extensive experience with design and development in all façade componenets, we have had the opportunity to expand our services into remedial engineering. Remedial engineering is being required more as the industry discovers needs to deal with pour practice and products aready installed in buildings. 

Our main designers at CGS Façade Engineering have been working in the building industry since 1993 and have many years of experience in façade design and engineering. Our expertise is in design, engineering and devlopment of façade such as curtain wall, windows, doors (sliding, bi-fold, hinged) and balustrades. This led to a comprehensive understanding of what the industry is facing with. We have been approached on many occasions during last couple of years to advise on installed malfunctioned windows either windows, doors, or balustrades. 

CGS Façade Engineering main objective is to fix problems and proposed best possible solutions which are economical and cost effective. We design and engineer installed or alternative products or parts to make the process less costly. 

Remedial Projects for Building Defects 

When it comes to commercial or civil structures, there may come a time when remedial projects are necessary to address any structural issues. This might be as a result of movement in the foundation soils, shrink swell movements, or perhaps water damage to the buildings. We have extensive experience in these remedial works and can identify the most appropriate solutions that are both practical and cost-effective. 

In these cases, it is crucial to have a remedial team comprised of both structural engineers and remedial engineers who are experienced in implementing cost-effective repair works. 

One common issue that may require remedial projects is concrete spalling, which is the deterioration of concrete surfaces caused by a combination of environmental factors and structural stress. Retaining walls are also a common area of concern when it comes to civil structures, as they can become unstable over time and require reinforcement or replacement. 

To address these issues, a remedial engineer may work alongside a structural engineer to do a condition assessment and determine the best course of action. Together, they can develop a plan to repair or replace the affected areas, while also ensuring that the final solution is cost-effective and minimises disruption to the surrounding area. 

Ultimately, when it comes to remedial projects for civil structures, it is essential to work with a team of experienced professionals who can address any issues in a timely and effective manner. Whether it’s concrete spalling or unstable retaining walls, the right team can provide the expertise needed to ensure that the structural integrity of the building or infrastructure is preserved for years to come. 

CGS Façade Engineering remedial engineering services extend to:

  • Structural engineering of the current product installed
  • Remedial engineering to determine malfunction of the product
  • Remedial engineering to find solutions for functionality of the product
  • Create new specification for remedial solutions
  • Re-design and detailing of the new product
  • Re-design of pressure equalisation principles within the system
  • System design waterproofing and façade interfaces
  • System design of un-controlled water exit strategy
  • System design on reduction of condensation and air circulation within the system
  • Site inspections and reports for new remedial design engineered
  • Site water test proposal and inspection
  • Issue design certification for new remedial design engineered
  • System design of un-controlled water exit strategy
  • Issue designed waterproof certification complying with FP1.4 NCC 2019
  • Issue installation certification for new remedial design engineered