The performance of your facade is one of the most important factors that determine the integrity of your overall building enclosure. Given the ever increasing variety and complexity of modern-day building envelopes, it is essential to evaluate their performance in order to avoid problems that can be expensive and problematic for the building’s service life.

Also referred to as façade testing or PMU (façade performance mock-up) testing is required because every building is different and façade designed is required to meet the requirements of that building. A well-planned and timely performance mock-up test

Ensures the facade’s structural stability

  • Evaluates and validates the façade design
  • Identifies problem areas such as water leakage, air leakage, fabrication errors, etc.
  • Allows rectification of all flaws
  • Allows and provide improvement for the facade

Strategically Placed Performance Mock-up Test Facilities Tailored to Your Need

At CGS Façade Engineering, we provide comprehensive mock-up testing design, engineering and documentation. All parameters are met according to Australian Standards. Our team utilises these test results to validate the design, selection of materials, and workmanship.

Performance Mock-up Test for a More Efficient Façade System

Our latest performance test for 850 Whitehorse Tower is a testament to the phenomenal track record and knowledge of our experts. We designed, managed and prepared the entire document for our client within three months from the start of the project. This included a fully developed curtainwall system with eighty aluminium extrusions and associated parts.

Please contact us for all types of performance mock- up test and system validation including

  • Test pressure chamber, wind turbine testing or stress pull test
  • Air Infiltration
  • Water Resistance (dynamic and static)
  • Structural Loading
  • Thermal Cycling
  • Impact Safety
  • Dynamic Seismic Performance
  • Related Australian Standard applications