Proper design is the cornerstone of any successful building envelope, curtainwall or façade project. Utilising a combination of engineering skills, technical knowhow, and a customer centric service philosophy, we deliver custom facade design and development solutions across a range of industries. 

Façade design considerations range from the performance and aesthetic requirements of working in tandem with an architect, to the fabrication and installation needs that have a significant impact on the successful completion of the project. Our in-house façade design team has a long history of designing and developing façade systems and building envelopes conforming to the highest standards. 

We have the experience and expertise to provide engineered solutions for the most challenging façade systems that may include developing a concept for BIM (Building Information Modelling) façades, virtual construction, façade simulation, and much more. Apart from BIM and 3D modelling, we can also help you with all types of analytic solutions ranging between FEA (finite-element analysis) and CFD (computational fluid dynamics). Our high level of proficiency in simulation and visualisation has proven extremely valuable to many of our projects. 

Some of Our Key Façade Design and Development Capabilities

Concept Development

The ultimate fate of a challenging building façade project often depends on its conceptual design. Our design team understand this and hence, offers the best possible solutions in this regard. We develop effective and innovative concepts for all types of façades and customise them to meet the requirements of design development, material usage and applications, constructability review, valued engineering and much more.

3D Modelling and Form-Finding

Dealing with complicated building forms and surface geometry is an integral part of creating innovatively designed façades or curtainwall systems. CGS Façade Engineering offers specialised skills in the advanced techniques of 3D modelling as well as form-finding. Our wide usage of different softwares allow us to resolve any complex façade geometry that may include curved surfaces, double curves and other complex shapes.

Analysis of façade systems

One of the most remarkable aspects of a façade system is that its different performance attributes can make a serious impact on the building’s overall behavior. This is why our process comprises of many different types of analysis related to the building façade, including thermal, acoustics, daylighting, spandrel panels/walls, and ventilations.

Structural Engineering

Our team of designers is noted for their expertise in traditional designing tasks related to building envelopes such as thermal, wind loads, building movements, point loads and rope load by abseiling. We have also successfully performed non-linear analysis for several advanced façade designs such as cable structures and blast designs.

Advanced Simulation and Visualisation

We employ a wide range of visualisation and analytical tools to create different building behavior simulations. This includes analytical and CFD analysis, gravity loads, thermal mapping, physics-based visualisation, daylighting and other related simulations. We also use proprietary software to resolve the most complicated façade problems.

BIM or Building Information Modelling

BIM is an emerging technology that we have been deeply involved with for many of our projects. Though this technology tends to vary significantly between projects, our team has demonstrated the ability to adapt to any level of Building Information Modelling development.

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