When it comes to efficient maintenance of building façades, the first impression is generally the last impression. It is of paramount importance for you to ensure proper façade management for the face of your building so that it remains at the topmost level. Offering world class façade management service demands a special skill set as well as adequate knowledge of different rules and safety practices. This is exactly what CGS Façade Engineering brings to you.

At CGS Façade Engineering, we have a team of experts who are highly proficient and thoroughly trained in all aspects of façade managements. We put in place all the procedures and tools we have created, making sure a timely scheduled façade is managed and processed as you build the concrete floors. It is critical we deliver the façade as required for each floor, so as to have a closure and hand over each floor to the builder to. In this way, all the other trades are able to start and finish their work.

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