Factory inspection is an essential part of any construction process that looks to ensure that all products to be used in the project are in compliance with the samples based on which those products were selected or certified. These inspections are extremely useful for a project’s quality control, productivity enhancement, minimisation of defect rates, and reduction of risk and rework.

CGS Façade Engineering truly believes that factory inspection provides an opportunity to enhance the production process by controlling quality as well as safety. We have a team of trained factory inspectors that have helped many projects and production processes avoid all the sources of discrepancies.

Why Us?

Based on your façade building project’s pre-defined specifications or parameters, we can offer customized inspection support for all products to be used in it. Our inspection process aims to bring about confidence and reliability towards the products and suppliers involved in the project.

Factory inspections by our experts comprises of diligent reviews of all steps in the production process. This approach helps us fix the defect sources immediately after detection. Our inspection service covers everything within a factory premise including production capabilities, quality control systems, personnel expertise, preventive maintenance, equipment control, working conditions, and much more. All our inspections are carried out with the highest level of integrity, ensuring the use of only the highest quality of resources for your building envelope.

Your façade building project can benefit from our factory inspection service by

  • Identifying and controlling all quality concerns at source
  • Product and process control
  • Adhering to the planned turnaround-time
  • End-line defect reduction

Some of the inspection services we offer are

  • Plan verification and manufacturing design inspection
  • Initial production inspection
  • Inspection of raw material storage
  • Inspection of quality control measures and practices
  • In-process inspection
  • Packing supervision.
  • Random inspection
  • Final inspection report prior to shipment, custom clearance and storage
  • Defect causes and rectifications investigation
  • Factory site inspection and report, post process of glass and aluminium inspection and reports

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