Façade logistics is one of the most critical challenges for any project regardless of nature or size. Timely and efficient procurement of materials as per the desired specifications is one of the key elements of a successful façade engineering project.

CGS Façade Engineering can help you address all requirements related to your project’s most complex logistic components. We accomplish this by incorporating transportation planning into our initial designing phase. In the very early stages of the project, we’d identify how the product should be packaged and transported.

We meticulously follow the order of installation during the fabrication and packing of the façade panels into stillages. This ensures that the stillages are delivered on time to the site in required batches, and can be installed as per sequentially scheduled

Protecting the façade panels from damage during their transportation from the workshop to the project site can be quite difficult. Similar problems are also encountered while manoeuvring or moving them to a building site. At CGS Façade Group, we overcome this problem by using specially designed stillages that can be adapted to accommodate façade panels with different sizes, lengths, and depths. These stillages are adequately tested to be fork lifted; crane lifted, with each stamped for safe weight lifting capacity and accompanied with relevant certifications.

Façade Logistics Experts for Your Curtainwall Project

Our extensive industry experience has taught us that a well organized store can be the heart of any façade project. This is why we ensure proper and thorough logistic planning at all stages of the project.

Reasons Why You Need Our Façade Logistics Service

Our logistic support for your façade project includes, but is not limited to

  • Meet and evaluate supplier production capacity nominated by the client
  • Strategic review on product sourcing requirements, potential fabricators’ selection criterion (offshore or local)
  • Quality control procedures, material defect causes and rectifications investigation
  • Packaging and palletising design and certification
  • Lifting clamp design and certification
  • Final inspection report prior to shipment, custom clearance and storage
  • Unpacking and delivery inspection
  • Packing and backloads of empty stillage procedures and inspections