Fabrication drawing refers to a special type of detailed drawing that includes a list of material parts identifying the different materials, cutting lengths and orientation of the material as first or third angle of projection for the factory.

CGS Façade Engineering has created a system of fabrication drawing with release procedures for the factory. It is unique to our operations. We have a dedicated team of skilled draftsmen and fabrication industry experts to support all your drawing needs. We utilise the latest software tools including 3D modelling to provide a complete set of fabrication drawings to the factory. This proficiency of our experts has been instrumental in hassle-free completion of many of our façade building projects, saving time and money for our clients.

Efficient Fabrication Drawing for All Your Façade Components

In case of traditional metal fabrication, our experts provide detailed drawings showing the machining details and cutting dimensions corresponding to each of the unique components. In addition to these fabrication sheets, we also provide all the related assembly drawings. Depending on your requirement, we can offer digital files directly to CNC machines in overseas factories.

A building envelope comprises of many different parts. Only a few sheets of fabrication drawings may be sufficient for flat or repetitive walls. However, a much higher number of sheets are required for projects that are geometrically complex and large in size.

CGS Façade Engineering is Your Best Fabrication Drawing Option

We honestly believe that perfection in designing is critical to the success of any façade building project. At CGS Façade Engineering, we do several things to ensure that your building envelope stands out from the rest. One of these tasks is to create a flawless action plan. This is where our system fabrication drawings come into play.

It is important to remember that a high-quality fabrication drawing can only be created utilising a myriad of specialised skills. Our team of experts has a wealth of experience in spatial reasoning, logic, drafting, CAD programs, communication, and more.

The primary objective behind all our fabrication drawings is to make sure that all relevant factors are taken into account before starting the process of building your façade system. Unlike the traditional concept of using blueprints, our drawings focus more on different individual components of the process. Making changes can be extremely difficult once a structure is put into place. With our fabrication drawings, fabricators can gain a clear understanding of the structure, and its materials and dimensions