3D modelling is an advanced technical process that involves the creation of mathematical representations for different types of objects or surfaces in three dimensions with the help of specialised software. This technique is used extensively in the AEC industry to demonstrate different landscapes and building structures instead of the traditional practice of using physical models.

3D models are considered to be extremely useful in explaining or demonstrating any design pattern that is unusual or complex in nature. In the field of façade engineering, 3D modelling offers a plethora of benefits including that of saving time during the design phase of the project by reducing the number of steps. It also helps the designers retain all the finer design details in their final plan. By using this technique, the architects can visualise the physical spaces within a building so that the probable issues are identified and addressed in a timely manner.

3D modelling helps us with defining all critical panel construction and interfaces. This critical step ensures all technical aspect of construction of the façade is looked after before proceeding to production and fabrication. It ultimately saves time and money for our clients.

Reliable 3D Modelling for Your Upcoming Curtainwall Project

At CGS Façade Engineering, we provide and present our design with state of art 3D modelling. The modelling can be only a presentation of product function and aesthetics, or a fully functional model that can be used for production purposes. We have qualified engineers to design models either in SketchUp software or AutoDesk Mechanical software, whichever serves the client’s brief and requirement.

Some of the key benefits you can expect from our 3D modelling experts include

  • Accurate and thorough visualisation of your design prior to the start of your façade construction project.
  • Changes in different interactive parameters for the potentially problematic scenarios.
  • Comprehensive information updates across the board during the process of making any changes in design.
  • Solutions for all types of complex curvature and geometry.
  • Resolve all interfaces between the panels and all other structural elements.
  • Creation of robust technical designs and clear understanding of the restrictions and requirements related to installation with the help of procedures such as building sequencing, spatial interaction and interfacing.
  • Analysis of component materials for factors such as thermal performance and structural stress prior to the testing procedures.

Contact CGS Façade Group for All Types of 3D Modelling Support

Our façade engineering 3D modelling service includes

  • Inclusion of all structural elements related to façade and its interfaces
  • Detailing of structural glazing and curtain wall of any façade type
  • ACP (Aluminium Composite Panel) detailing
  • Spider patch fitting and skylight detailing
  • Steel structural detailing related to facade
  • Balustrades of any type
  • Shop front facade, stick wall systems, internal glass partition detailing
  • Detailing of aluminium or steel windows and doors
  • Glass stairs, canopies, and atrium.