A large number of documents are created as part of constructing any building envelope. However, in most of the projects, these processes are geared only towards the completion of the project within the planned timeline and budget. As a result, the value of the documents created during the project gets diminished with time.

The availability of detailed information about your building façade can be a valuable asset for you in future while performing routine maintenance, resolving problems, or considering refurbishment options. CGS Façade Group ensures that you have easy access to different types of documents and records that are generated during the design and construction of the façade. With an ongoing commitment towards the overall performance of your building, we maintain all records, even after the end of the project. Our meticulous façade documentation assistance has proven invaluable to many of our clients.

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At CGS Façade Engineering we maintain façade documentation related to many different levels of the project. Some of the most important records we maintain are

Tender Drawings

This is one of the most important documents for many façade construction projects. A typical tender drawing by our experts comprise of plan and elevation drawings along with indicative details of the design. These drawings always convey the project’s aesthetic intent.

Risk Assessment

We provide detailed reports for all such aspects of your façade that may require risk assessment.

Detailed Design Drawings

We provide detailed design drawing for all our projects. These drawings may undergo several rounds of modification before the final amended version is submitted. Our highly experienced team of experts can make a serious difference to any building envelope project by their top notch design drawings.

Manufacturer Audit

Our team regularly visits the component and material suppliers to for a better understanding of their adherence to the desired quality parameters. All these visits are documented in detail for your future reference.


A tender drawing is always accompanied by a specification document. Clauses can be added, amended or removed from this document as it is always subject to review by the clients.

Test & Analysis Reports

Testing reports are often required for certain façade materials to understand whether they are in compliance with the project’s desired performance criteria

Material Data Sheet

We furnish all the data sheets and trade literature for the different materials used during the installation and fabrication of your façade. We also provide all relevant documents certifying the suitability of the materials and literatures related to user safety and health.

Quality Checklists

To ensure the desired quality of construction, certain checks are carried out as part of the installation and fabrication process. We provide a detailed report of these checks to all our clients.

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Our detailed list of façade related documents also include site test reports, warranties, maintenance manuals, approval samples, snagging lists, and much more.