Product sourcing is an integral part of the procurement process, and plays a significant role behind the success of any construction project including building façades. This vital component of procurement deals with the selection and management of the suppliers providing different products for your building envelope.

Determining the best value for a façade project out of many commercial proposals is a complex task that demands a thorough technical evaluation based on the project’s requirements and specifications. As an end-to-end façade engineering and consultancy service provider, we have an experienced team of product sourcing and procurement specialists who are based in China, for example

While sourcing products for a façade building project, CGS Façade Engineering carefully examines if there are any non-compliances or disqualifications in the part of the suppliers that may have a detrimental impact on the project’s overall performance specifications. If additional value engineering options are offered by the suppliers, our team also takes those alternatives into account. Our product sourcing experts have served many curtainwall projects with their accurate evaluation of supplier compliance.

Strategic Product Sourcing Support for Your Façade System

Our product sourcing service is designed to create additional value for the projects by enhancing the purchasing ability of our clients.

The most important components of our product sourcing service are

Assessment of risk and opportunity

An essential part of this process is to qualify different vendors before deciding to place orders with any of them. This is particularly true while dealing with offshore suppliers. Due diligence for this practice includes thorough examination of their products, technology, solvency, reliability, quality management, and production capacity.

Market Intelligence Study

In order to build long-term business relationship with the product suppliers, it is important to examine how they conduct their business. During the market intelligence study, our team puts maximum emphasis on legal compliance and inventory management capabilities of the suppliers.

Forming a contract

This involves all paper trails including warranties, contracts, warning labels, purchase orders, instruction manuals, and much more. All submitted documents are reviewed by our team members that are extremely well versed with the product liability laws.

Establishment of a strategic supply chain

The overall goal of our product sourcing team is to reduce the supply chain costs for our clients. This in turn, helps us reduce lead times, create upstream controls, and build procedures that ensure fast and easy flow.

Contact us today and let us add value to your building envelope with efficient product sourcing.