A Performance Solution is a compliance solution for Performance Requirements within the BCA achieving compliance with the NCC.

Buildings must meet the performance requirements outlined within the BCA. Performance Solutions allow for flexibility in addressing these Performance Requirements and are utilised when the Deem-to-Satisfy provisions are not met. It is an alternative method of achieving compliance, when technical compliance does not occur.

A performance based design brief (PBDB), is firstly prepared to define the scope of work for the Performance Solution. Its purpose is to outline the basis and analysis of the proposed building and its Performance Solution, as agreed by the relevant stakeholders.This allows all relevant stakeholders to contribute to the development of a Performance Solution, and to share their specific knowledge and perspectives with the design team.

In the simplest terms, Performance Solutions are an alternative to to the Deemed to Satisfy  requirements outlined in the building code.

Performance Solution Report is required to be approved by a building surveyor, thereby meeting the Performance Requirements. They can also be used in combination with Deem-to-Satisfy Solutions to meet Performance Requirements.