Massoud Mangholi

Founder, Managing Director

Background Summary                              

  • Completed Honors Degree from Curtin University of Technology
  • Completed Postgraduate Degree in Civil and Structural Engineering from University of Technology Sydney
  • Worked in the façade industry from since 1993
  • Established and managed CGS Façade Engineering since 2005

Professional Expertise                             

  • Façade Consultant for all façade disciplines [Curtain Wall, Window Wall, Class 2, Cladding, Balustrade]Facade System Designer [Structural Engineering]Façade Thermal Modeling & Simulator [AFRC Certified Simulator]
  • Façade Diagnostics for Combustible Cladding Designer [Remedial Engineering]
  • Façade Diagnostics for Installed Windows, Doors & Balustrades Designer [Remedial Engineering]
  • Façade Lifting Clamp and Component Designer [Installation and Management]
  • Façade Logistic Designer [Packaging and Transportation]
  • Façade Access Strategy Designer [BMU & Davit Arm]
  • Factory Optimization and Manufacturing Designer [Layouts and Machinery]
  • Façade Production Data System Designer [Material Ordering & Production Releases]
  • Industrial & Architectural Product Designer [Architectural Component Design]

Key Experience                         

  • My expertise in design and developments together with material science and selection has been the forefront of where ideas transform into smart engineering. The principles of a good façade are based on combining the integrating objectives to produce a thermally comfortable façade for the end user, a structurally functional design for the builder, a practical engineered assembly for the fabricator, and an aesthetically pleasing facade for the architect. These are the manifestations on which I am running ‘CGS Façade Engineering’. We are the façade experts.
Career Highlights


Introduced to façade industry in Hong Kong, lived and worked in a local company.


Came back to Sydney, worked for façade contractors, expanded design knowledge


Principal and Managing Director of CGS Façade Engineering

Principal system designer; Class 2 design engineer, façade project delivery and management; documented many façade systems including curtain wall, window wall, windows and sliding doors; author of office and factory manual for façade documentation, fabrication, logistics and site management for façade fabricators



Curtain wall, window wall, Class 2, metal cladding, stick system, double skin façade, skylight, frameless, natural stone, glass fiber reinforced concrete (GRC)


Aluminium extrusion, architectural hardware, aluminium/steel cast−in, spider patch fitting, special doors, steel stillage, panel lifting clamps, safety edge protection system


3D rendering product presentation, shop drawing, production drawing, material procurement, material sizing and ordering, factory optimisation layout, factory inspection and reports, product inspection and report, PMU proposal & testing


Façade structural engineering, thermal modeling simulation, pressure equalization, rain screen system, material science, BMU and access methodology, glazing training, design workshop, as built design review, site reports and remedial assessments

Education & Training


Professional Training Course in Project Management
Sydney Institute of Technology, Sydney Australia

1989 − 1993

BA (Hons), Major − Industrial Design
Curtin University of Technology, Perth Australia


CEED Scholarship (Cooperative Education for Enterprise Development)


AFRC Training course for thermal engineering modeling simulation qualification